Your smart home

Did you leave a light on? Problem solved! Use the Yno app to switch it off, without going back and without the worry of excessive and unnecessary consumption

Are you on holiday? Relax and have fun! Control your home through your smartphone with Yno app and simulate your presence by switching on some lights that illuminate the gate and the garden in different moments of the day.

Is there any work in progress at home? Do you need to allow a domestic helper to enter without providing the burglar alarm codes? Create a limited access through the Yno app by setting the required parameters for the necessary time and, as soon as they exit, the usual alarm conditions, closed windows and curtains will be restored.

Sudden storm? With a click on the “Storm” scenario of your Yno app, close the window shutters and rewind the sun blinds to prevent extensive damage without having to rush back in.

Are your parents aged? Different solutions to make their day simpler and calmer. For example, with a Yokis remote control they can open and close the window shutters comfortably seated in the armchair. Or by installing Urmet CallMe, the video door phone call forwarding device allows you to check who's ringing and answer in their place.

Are you ready for kick-off? “Alexa, dim the lights in the living room.” But is John coming now?? “OK Google, open the gate.” Don't lose even a second of the game, with the integration of Yokis with the voice assistants of Google and Amazon.

Sweet weekend! With Yokis you can program different scenarios on the Yno app depending on the day of the week. So, from Monday to Friday the actions set for lights and shutters are activated earlier, while on weekends the blinds of the bedroom, living room and the kitchen open later, along with the radio's multi-socket.

Limited expense spread over time. Yokis solutions are highly flexible. In fact, the "radio" line allows each user to expand the home automation system at any time. The first installation can include Yokis modules for the management of one or a few areas, and the system can be expanded in later steps.

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