Urmet door phone integration

Urmet door phone integration

Home management has never been this easy. Thanks to the integration between Urmet and Yokis technologies, it is possible to use centralised controls, shutter and indoor/outdoor light timing as well as some other functions, like garden sprinklers, by pressing a door phone pushbutton.


  • Urmet video door phones become a building automation device for control devices and centralisations.
  • All Urmet video door phones contain a Yokis transmitter module that connects via radio to Yokis receiver modules of the electric system. A unique integration that allows you to create centralisations and scenarios directly on the video door phone, without further wiring, through a user-friendly interface.
  • By simply matching the buttons on the video door phone, several functions can be enabled: for example, the first button closes simultaneously, in centralised mode, all the house window shutters, and the second button switches off the lights of one or all rooms.
  • The Yno app is directly installed in the Urmet touch screen video door phones, that thus become real control terminals of the smart electric system.


  • Yokis modules, together with Urmet intrusion alarm systems, guarantee an even greater level of security for every customer: in the presence of a Urmet alarm system, its activation (for example if a window is opened or a glass is broken) closes or opens all window shutters, and switches on the outdoor lights in the garden, on the terrace or on the perimeter walls. A simple trick to discourage criminals and intruders, with a single simple gesture.
  • If the Urmet video surveillance system installed activates and one or more cameras detect a motion (motion detection), Yokis modules activate and switch on the lights near the cameras. With a dual function: suddenly - and remotely - frighten any intruder; illuminate the area so as to better view the images and check remotely if it is an actual break-in.


Not only technology integration, but also service integration between Urmet and Yokis brands:

  • A single sales network
  • A single customer service
  • Easy purchase of the products at the same electric material dealer
  • Integrated marketing tools
  • Equivalent professional training for Urmet and Yokis solutions

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