Urmet security integration

Urmet security integration

The Yokis range extends its ecosystem by integrating the line of Wi-Fi Smart cameras and the Zeno radio intrusion alarm system by Urmet through the YnO app. Thus YnO becomes the single app to manage all the smart home functions: intrusion alarm system, video surveillance, temperature control and management of lights, rollers and automations, both locally and remotely.

Intrusion alarm

  • In a Zeno wireless intrusion alarm system, through Yokis YnO app, it is possible to control the total setting and, for the single theft alarm zones, consult their status and receive notifications in case of alarm.
  • It is possible to associate presence simulation of Yokis dimmer to Zeno intrusion alarm system by Urmet, for even greater security level. A simple trick to discourage criminals and intruders, with a single gesture.

Video surveillance

  • If Urmet cameras of Smart Wi-Fi line are installed in the system, it is possible to view the images shot directly via Yokis YnO app.
  • From Yokis YnO app it is possible to record and consult the video streaming both locally and remotely, also listening to the audio recorded by the camera.
  • If the installed Urmet video surveillance system activates and one or more cameras detect a movement (motion detection), a notification is sent to Yokis YnO app having a double function: illuminate the area remotely to better view the images, and check whether it is actually a break-in attempt, or suddenly - and remotely - frighten the possible intruder.


  • Easy to use: thanks to Yokis YnO app, it is possible to consult all the smart home functions locally and remotely: automation, temperature control, video surveillance and alarm system.
  • Radio: automation and security, all wireless.
  • It is possible to expand the entire Yokis ecosystem also at a later time, adding functions and adapting the configurations in subsequent steps.
  • Easy to install: it does not require a presetting or connection interfaces between systems. Service configuration is performed via app.
  • Interaction between systems is carried out thanks to Urmet Cloud.

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