Load monitoring

Load monitoring

Automatic management of load disconnection, starting with the less important loads, allows avoiding the electrical system blackout and the discomfort of resetting the meter: live your home with maximum comfort. Moreover, consumption measurement allows keeping electricity costs under control.


  • The Yokis device prevents the risk of main switch tripping when the contracted power is exceeded: no more urgent interventions to reactivate the meter!
  • In case of load disconnection and subsequent reset, the system sends notifications to the Yokis Yno app.
  • The Yokis YnO app also allows viewing the instant consumption and usage graph of the last 30 minutes, both locally and remotely.
  • The Yokis relay can be integrated with the Yokis ecosystem through scenarios, both as trigger and action event.


  • Thanks to the statistics available in the Yokis YnO app, it is possible to view periodic consumptions and measure energy savings resulting from conscious energy use.
  • The device provides for control of Yokis actuators connected via radio to the loads, and therefore does not require modifying the existing wiring and the electrical connections of the house.


  • When necessary, the Yokis control unit disconnects in sequence the loads considered less important according to the priorities set by the user, to safeguard devices that may be damaged. When the alarm conditions have gone, loads are automatically restored.
  • The Yokis relay prevents the risk of main switch tripping when the contracted power is exceeded.
  • Effective system protection through monitoring of current surges, voltage and overloads.

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