Light control

Light control

An easy and simple lighting system control can improve the quality of your life in the areas where you live and work. With Yokis, you can manage all your lights with a single switch (centralised on/off), with a remote control, with a smartphone. Or give voice orders through the voice assistants. Comfortably sitting on your sofa or during a family holiday.


  • Check your home lights with your smartphone using the Yno app
  • Enable the night courtesy light function for your children
  • Ask Google and Alexa voice assistants to enable the functions for you
  • Create scenarios suitable for any situation: when watching a film, during dinner or when you wake up
  • Customise the brightness of each light in every area
  • Check lighting with the vocal assistants


  • Enable light paths sensitive to people movements so that the light only turns on when needed
  • Decrease light intensity where necessary, with a button or using the Yno app, and reduce waste.
  • Centralise the lights to switch them all off with a single pushbutton, avoiding leaving some lights on and thus reducing consumption


  • Set the “late back home” scenario that allows you to switch on the outdoor lights when the gate is opened after sunset.
  • Simulate your presence even when you are not at home: set the function that switches on some lights in different moments of the day (and night) and activate the window shutters. Lighting of the house will be timed and turned on at 40% to save energy.

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