General device control

General device control

The activation of the automated devices available at home in a quick and intuitive way facilitates the actions of everyday life. Discover what you can do with Yokis and which functions best suit your house and your lifestyle.


  • Gate opening: on YnO app or remote control, you can configure the “back home” scenario and open the gate, switch on the driveway lights, open and switch on the garage with just one click.
  • Create a remote electric lock: if you cannot reach the lock with cables, a Yokis wireless module easily solves the problem, without having to lose the comfort of a remote control device
  • Are you a B&B owner? When you cannot be present, enable access to your guests through your smartphone and check whether lights, air conditioner, blinds and rolling gates are closed when they leave.


  • Garden irrigation system disabling, in case of rain. In this way you avoid unnecessary waste and create unexpected savings.
  • Create the “studio” scenario through Yno app in which the electrical multi-socket is disabled and the video game console or the TV remain off.
  • Synchronise bathroom suction fan switching off with light switching off.


  • The alarm system siren can be manually enabled with a remote control if suspicious noise is heard
  • It is possible to match some lights and the intrusion alarm system in the most exposed areas of the house, both indoor and outdoor, for greater peace of mind.

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