The Solutions

The Solutions

Are you thinking about a smart house?  What can you do with Yokis?

Window shutter automation

A single gesture to open and close window shutters and rolling gates by centralising the control devices, e.g. when leaving home.

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Light control

Did you forget a light on in a room? Don't go back, just press a button, a switch or a remote control.

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Load monitoring

Manage electrical loads and monitor consumption of your home, without dedicated wiring and masonry works.

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General device control

It easily controls gates, electric locks, ventilation, solenoid valves, sprinklers, signals and sockets.

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Thanks to the smart chronothermostat, you can easily manage the temperature of your home and reduce energy consumption. 

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Smartphone management

A free app to be always connected with your house.

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Voice control

Maximum comfort to manage Yokis and the smart devices of your house.

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Urmet video door phone integration

From the home monitor you can create centralizations and scenarios, without further wiring.

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Urmet security integration

With Yokis YnO app, you can also control Urmet cameras and intrusion alarm system.

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