Radio chronothermostat


Item number: 5454489

Temperature control adds to the functionality of the Yokis ecosystem thanks to the new THERMARP radio chronothermostat.

Essential and elegant design, suitable for all environments.

Simple and intuitive thanks to a large backlit touch display.

Battery-powered, for greater freedom of installation.

Thanks to the radio communication, it can activate the boiler even without wired presetting.

It can be installed both as a stand-alone unit and within the Yokis ecosystem.

It can be controlled via YnO app, either locally or remotely, together with Yokis HUB, to control the home temperature and switch on / off the heating system, increasing comfort and energy saving.

Statistics on the detected average, minimum and maximum temperature and operating time by means of the YnO application. Thanks to the statistical reports about usage date on THERMARP provided by the YnO app, it is possible to optimize the adjustments, increasing the efficiency of the system.

Furthermore, it is possible to know or change the desired temperature using voice commands.

Possibility of centralised management of several areas with a chronothermostat for each area.

Installation via touch display or installer Yokis PRO app


Download the EU declaration of conformity – item no. 5454489

Technical features

Control temperature range


On-board contact range

250V 5A AC

Power supply

2 1.5 V AA batteries

  • Weekly programming
  • Dry contact relay on board to control the boiler in case of wired presetting
  • Summer/Winter management
  • Three temperature levels: T1, T2, T3
  • Timed manual mode, without changing the programming
  • Security PIN for installation in common areas
  • Possibility of external wired probe for floor mounting systems
  • Yokis radio controls, also via Yokis Hub