Model: YOKEY

Item number: 5454491


Thanks to the combined use of Yokey and Yokis Pro app , installation of Yokis radio modules is even easier and more rapid.

Facilitates acquisition and configuration phase of Yokis radio modules

Together with Yokis Pro app , makes Yokis Radio BUS programming more rapid and reliable.

Download EU declaration of conformity – code 5454491

Technical features

Power supply

USB CC from 4.75V to 5.25V


10 mA in stand-by / 50 mA max.




51 x 63,9 x 11,3 mm 2.00 x 2.51 x 0.44 in




Type A male USB connector (OTG Micro-USB adapter supplied: Android tablet with OTG port is required)

  • USB stick containing a radio antenna operating according to Yokis radio protocol
  • It must be installed on Android tablet (4.2 version or later) having an OTG type micro-USB port available (OTG = powered).
    It is recommended to use the kit tablet which is certified and ensures operation
  • Through Yokis Pro app, it allows configuring and testing a Yokis radio or hybrid radio-wired system in an easy and automated way


Inside 100 m² house with perpendicular crossing of a load-bearing wall
or a concrete slab
250 m in free range (Note: Range is reduced by metal environment, walls or partitions)

Radio transmission:

the unit LED turns on in the presence of a radio transmission.