Key ring remote control

4 pushbuttons

Model: TLC4CP

Item number: 5454425

8 pushbuttons

Model: TLC8CP

Item number: 5454423


Compatible with all Yokis Radio receivers

Every pushbutton can control up to 4 receivers in direct mode, or an unlimited number of receivers in Radio Bus mode

The LED indicates successful command transmission

Makes the most of the broad functionality of Yokis modules

Can be used to centralise several MTR2000ER relays, for instance by using the left pushbutton to switch off all loads and the right pushbutton to switch them on.

Download the EU declaration of conformity – item no. 5454423

Download the EU declaration of conformity – item no. 5454425

Technical features


CR2032, lithium

Battery duration

> 7 years The battery can be replaced by opening the case with a flat-head screwdriver. Data will be retained

Available pushbuttons

2 (left and right pushbuttons)

Number of receivers/pushbutton

4 in direct mode; unlimited in Radio Bus mode

Two-way transmission

The transmitter LED will only turn on if the radio transmission was completed successfully


250m in free field without obstacles. Range is reduced by metal items, walls or partitions.

Operating temperature

- 10°C to +50°C

Relative humidity

maximum 70%

Dimensions (mm)

see figure