Night saving – 2000w


Model: MEP2000E

Item number: 5454356


Quick, easy installation:

Can be connected in series to existing outdoor lamp – no special wiring required

COST-EFFECTIVE: up front investment pays back within 12 to 18 months.

UNIVERSAL: Ideal for common facilities of apartment buildings, residential districts, factories, public areas, wherever lights are turned on and off by a dusk sensor. Compatible with any load types.


Just by turning the lights off for 5 hours each day on 250 W, the product will pay for itself in 1 year!
Compatible with lights controlled by a dusk sensor or astronomical clock.

Select which lights to turn off with complete flexibility.
Increases light bulb replacement interval.

Compatible with all load types up to 600 VA.
Attracts less insects than ordinary lights.

Pleasant night-time switching off for people living nearby.

Download the EU declaration of conformity

Technical features

Network voltage

230V ~ (+10% - 15%) - 50Hz

Load power

600VA 230Vac


< 1W

Room temperature

-20°C + 40°C

Relative humidity

from 0 to 90%

Dimensions (mm)

see figure

  • The MEP2000 module can selectively turn off a single lighting point for an adjustable time duration ranging from 4 to 9 hours.
  • The switching off is symmetrical with respect to the night centre, with a selectable offset of up to 2 hours (default setting is 1 hour).
  • The module is preset to ensure that the light will stay on for a minimum of one hour in the morning.


    MEP2000 turns off one or more lights automatically in the middle hours of the night time for an adjustable time period ranging from 4 to 9 hours. The lights-off time is distributed equally across the mid of the night time. Night middle line can be shifted forward by 0 to 2 hours.

    Night duration

    Night duration is calculated based on the module's power-up period. The module saves the duration of the last 4 nights and calculates the average to estimate the duration of the current night. The module will not save durations under 5 hours. The module is factory set with 4 pre-set night durations of 15 hours.

    Lighting time

    NT = average duration of night time calculated as outlined above.

    OT = off time set by the installer (from 4 to 9 hours; default setting 5 hours).

    Offset = forward shift of night middle line. Can be configured by the installer (from 0 to 2 hours; default setting 1 hour).

    ELT = evening lighting time: ELT = (NT-OT)/2+Offset

    The module turns on the light after power-up for an ELT time, turns it off for an OT time and then turns it back on again as long as power stays on.


Wiring of MEP2000E

Download datasheet