500w flasher modules without neutral

For recessed installation

Model: MTC500E

Item number: 5454056


Simplified installation: easily installed inside outdoor lamp base with a series connection.

EASY: Easy to install in existing circuit – no neutral connection required.

FLEXIBLE: Flashing interval can be adjusted from 0.2 to 25 seconds.


The flasher can be controlled with a programming clock or a simple switch.

Inrush current to the filament is limited during flashing to preserve bulb life.

Supports several applications: parking places, hazardous operator stations in industrial environments, Christmas lights, pedestrian zones, historic landmarks, …

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Technical features

Network voltage

230V ~ (+10% - 15%) - 50Hz


min. 5VA max. 500VA (300VA in sealed boxes)

Maximum current

1.3A / 2.2A Sealed boxes: 1.3A / 300VA Other boxes: 2.2A / 500VA

Room temperature

-20°C + 40°C

Relative humidity

from 0 to 99%

Dimensions (mm)

see figure

  • The flush-mounted module MTC500E is 100% waterproof for outdoor installation.
  • Inrush current limitation through filament pre-heating.
  • Built-in electronic protection in case of short circuit on the load, with automatic reset after the fault is eliminated.
  • Electronic overheating protection
  • Double overload protection with power cut-off.
  • Can be controlled by 12 or 48 VAC or DC with ADBT accessory.
  • Immune to mains disturbances up to 1.5 kV
  • Preserves the life of the light bulbs.

CHR3W (item n. 5454070): Resistive load for energy-saving light bulbs and LEDS

ADBT (item n. 5454076): 12-48V AC or DC low-voltage adapter

Standard wiring with programming clock

Download datasheet

Wiring with energy-saving light bulbs or LEDs

Download datasheet

Switched power increase

Download datasheet

Use with low-voltage control

Download datasheet