300W timed modular radio power dimmer

On DIN rail

Model: MTV300MRP

Item number: 5454479

The MTV300MRP radio power dimmer manages a change in brightness from 3% to 100% on loads up to 300W, by prolonged pressure on the button. Supports a double memory level: memorization of the last brightness level that can be recalled at the first press and 100% lighting that can be recalled with 2 short presses on the button (with the possibility of reversing the behavior). It works with controls of any civil series and is compatible with various loads, including incandescent lamps, 230V LEDs and dimmable halogen lamps. It is compatible with the existing wirings with common buttons at neutral or phase and allows the use of more buttons in parallel.

The “soft start” and “soft stop” functions allow the protection of the luminous load, the retina and the improvement of light perception. Principle of variation by interruption at the beginning or at the end of the phase by automatic recognition of the type of load. Integrated electronic protection against short circuits and overheating.


Download the EU declaration of conformity – item no. 5454479

Technical features

Main voltage

230 V ~ (+10% -15%) - 50Hz

Minimum power

5 W

Maximum power

300 W 1.3 A

Radio frequency

2,4 GHz

Room temperature

from -20°C to +40°C

Relative humidity

from 0 to 70%


on sinusoidal at start or end of phase with automatic load type detection


short-circuit and overheating protections


90 x 17.5 x 60 mm

Load dimming: set by means of a prolonged pressure, during which the luminous intensity changes
100% illumination: a short press on the button brings the brightness to 100% (default setting).
Memory recall: the last brightness level "dimmed" can be recalled with two short presses (default setting).
Memory recall, with 1 short press: it is possible to invert the logic in points 2 and 3, that is a pressure for the dimmed and 2 pressures for 100%
Minimum brightness level: it is possible to set a minimum brightness level, which can be recalled with 4 short presses.
Memory in case of power failure: if the dimmer was off, the light will remain off; otherwise the light will return to the previous intensity value.
Relay mode: in this mode the MTV300MRP no longer acts as a dimmer, but as a simple relay.
Flashing mode: if set in flashing mode and receives an activation command, it flashes for 30 seconds or until we repeat the key from the transmitter.
Use with energy-saving or LED bulbs: If, when the brightness level is low, the bulb flickers, the minimum brightness level must be configured to a higher value.
Timing: The duration is configurable from 2 minutes to 4 hours.
Advance warning with progressive switch-off: When the set duration expires, the module emits a brief flash and prolongs the ignition by a further 60 seconds (or 10, if the timing is in seconds). During this time, pressing the button again allows you to restart the same timing.
Night light for children: with 7 short presses of the button the night light for children is activated. The light is positioned at 20% and the light gradually decreases over an hour to leave only a courtesy light for 12 hours.
Duration 12 hours: It is possible to force a temporary duration of 12 hours, with 6 short presses.