Lighting modules

Lighting modules

Yokis offers a broad range of lighting solutions: toggle relay, staircase lights timer, dimmer modules to set light brightness and night saving modules. Switching a light on and off or setting up timed control for a lighting circuit has never been this easy.


Yokis dimmer modules lend greater flexibility to any system: user can lower window shutters with a single pushbutton and schedule light switch-on and switch-off times. There is no need to change the existing wiring system. Discover the range: dimmer without neutral, radio, timed and multi-function dimmer.

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Yokis electronic relay modules include a range of silent relays and timed relays in flush- or DIN rail mounted versions suitable for all systems. Find out more about the Yokis solutions 500W relay without neutral and 2000W with neutral for all types of lighting systems

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Night saving

Yokis night saving modules turn off lights in common facilities during the night time or make the lights blink at a configurable frequency. Learn how to optimise lighting management and cost saving with Yokis products.

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Staircase lights timers

Yokis timer modules are the staircase lights or lighting circuit solution, available in flush- and DIN rail mounted versions. Learn about the Yokis staircase lights modules in the 500W without neutral, 2000W with neutral and radio relay variants for all types of lighting

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Lighting kits

Kit solutions have the double advantage of being practical and cost-effective. Lighting kits are different depending on the needs and may contain relays, dimmers, transmitters and control hubs. Start from the kit and complete your system with add-ons and accessories.

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Flush-mounted radio transmitters

Yokis flush-mounted radio transmitters have been designed for simple, cost-effective and efficient installation. The Yokis range of radio transmitters is compatible with relay receivers, dimmers and radio window shutters modules.

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Wall-mounted radio transmitters

Wall-mounted radio transmitters are control devices to be fixed to the wall with a simple double-sided adhesive. They are the ideal solution if renovations and masonry works are not required. They are compatible with relay receivers, dimmers and radio window shutters modules.

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Radio remote controls

The Yokis radio remote controls can control any radio module. They come in 1, 2, 4 or 8-pushbutton versions for handheld use or wall-mount, using the suitable bracket.

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