Yokis: The alternative approach to home and building automation.

Digital micromodules for lights and window shutters automation.


Working side by side with installers for over 15 years.

YOKIS designs and manufactures electronic modules for electric systems for residential and office buildings.
YOKIS stands out from competitors because the electronic components of its products are designed in-house and the high performance of its software programmes enhance the quality and reliability of its whole range of modules.
This is why YOKIS has always offered its customers:

  • – 5-year warranty on its products
  • – Professional-oriented telephone technical support service
  • – An exhaustive product range for any type of installation
  • – Distribution covering 100% of the electrics wholesaler network

In 2014, Yokis became part of the Urmet Group, which has been engaged in the design, development and sales of building automation products and systems since 1937. A communication and security specialist, Urmet Spa stands out for its flair for innovation and for the development of kits that speed up installation and simplify function management, for residential, office and industrial buildings.

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