500w Radio flush-mounted shutter module

For pushbuttons

Model: MVR500ERP

Item number: 5454467

External antenna

Model: MVR500ERPX

Item number: 5454468


Receivers can be connected to one another so as to design centralised and group controls.

Combined radio and wired receivers. Meets the needs of any type of system.

RADIO: It can be controlled by an unlimited number of transmitters.

SAFE: Does not damage the window shutter or the motor in case of an obstacle thanks to the built-in torque control.

UNIVERSAL: Compatible with all shutter types and brands with 3-wire motor (SOMFY, APRIMATIC, BUBENDORFF, etc.)

COST-EFFECTIVE: Thanks to simple wiring and attractive pricing.

FEATURES: Built-in daily scheduling, multi-zone management, scenario management, remote control.

Full information on transmitter / receiver configuration and configuration guide for Radio Bus available in Radio Quick Installation Guide.

Download the EU declaration of conformity – item no. 5454467

Download the EU declaration of conformity – item no. 5454468

Technical features

Network voltage

230V ~ (+10% - 15%) - 50Hz


3-wire motor, 230V~, 2A max. 500VA

Room Temp.

-20°C + 50°C


< 1VA - < 0.3W

Relative humidity

from 0 to 70%

Dimensions (mm)

see figure

  • Local control and/or centralised radio control:
  • Yokis Radio Bus provides centralised radio control for window shutters. All Yokis transmitters are compatible with MVR500ER devices
  • Combined: radio and wired:
  • Simple and functional, at a very convenient price. The modules support dual operation mode: they can be controlled via radio and from local wired pushbuttons at the same time.
  • Extremely compact size:
  • Fits easily into the 50-mm deep flush-mounted boxes for wiring systems or inside the window shutter box.
  • Programmable:
  • Opens and closes window shutters every day thanks to the built-in daily scheduler


< 100 sq. m within the same room
50m in free field without obstacles


2.4 GHz


Two-way with notification LED on transmitter.
Radio connection memory
Retains data in the event of a mains failure

Standard wiring connection of window shutter with MVR500ER module

Download datasheet

MVR500ER window shutters module controlled by clock or dusk sensor via radio

Download datasheet