500W flush-mounted shutter module

Model: MVR500E

Item number: 5454090


FUNCTIONAL: Centralise an unlimited number of window shutters with a single driver wire.

SAFE: Does not damage the window shutter or the motor in case of an obstacle thanks to the built-in torque control.

UNIVERSAL: Compatible with all shutter types and brands with 3-wire motor (Somfy, Aprimatic, Bubendorff, etc.).

COST-EFFECTIVE: Thanks to simple wiring and attractive pricing.

FEATURES: Built-in daily scheduling, multiple area configuration, scenario setting, addition of remote control device.


Easy to connect: pull-out terminal box makes wiring connection easier

BP: Pushbutton

L: 230V~ 50Hz

N: Motor common neutral

F: Closing motor wire

O: Opening motor wire

Download EU declaration of conformity – code 5454490

Technical features

Network voltage

230V ~ (+10% - 15%) - 50Hz


3-wire motor, 230V~, 2A max. 500VA

Room temp.

-20°C + 50°C

Sound level

< 60dB at 20cm

Relative humidity

from 0 to 99%

Dimensions (mm)

see figure

  • Centralisation: All window shutters can be centralised on a double up/down pushbutton, with a single driver wire. The number of window shutters is unlimited, which makes it ideal for large installations in office buildings
  • Cost-effective: Simple and functional, at a very convenient price. Just add a driver wire during installation to centralise the system.

  • Extremely compact size: Fits easily into the 50-mm deep flush-mounted boxes for wiring systems or inside the window shutter box.
  • Daily scheduler: Opens and closes window shutters every day thanks to the built-in daily scheduler.

REL1C (item n. 5454081): Relay with 230 V~ coil 230V / 0.1A NO contact. Required to install centralised shutter control in three-phase systems. Useful for office building applications.

R12M (item n. 5454073): Double pushbutton interface, allows for switch-on/off control in centralised systems

CVI50 (item n. 5454805): Allows the centralisation of modules from the 500 range

D600V (item n. 5454072): Diode for module centralisation with driver wire

ADBT (item n. 5454076): 12-48V AC or DC low-voltage adapter

Wiring connection of window shutter with MVR500E module

Download datasheet

Wiring connection with local and remote controls

Download datasheet

Piloting of a shutter with 24 Vdc motor

Download datasheet

Centralisation of several window shutters with one double pushbutton

Download datasheet

Centralisation with single and double local pushbuttons and one centralised double pushbutton

Download datasheet

Example of multi-zone centralisation

Download datasheet

Centralisation with clock

Download datasheet

Low-voltage centralisation of window shutters, with low-voltage controls on double pushbuttons (example application: hospital)

Download datasheet

Low-voltage centralisation of window shutters, with 230V control

Download datasheet

Centralisation of window shutters in three-phase systems

Download datasheet

Crossed shutter centralisation: by floor and by exposition (North and South)

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Controlling a wired centralisation system with a remote control

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