Module for load monitoring, MD3300MRP, YOKIS, Power radio line, from DIN rail, for electrical load monitoring via radio over 8 priorities

Model: MD3300MRP

Item number: 5454801

Device for automatic load management of a house: it monitors total energy consumption and, if necessary, disconnects loads, differentiating them by up to 8 pre-assigned priority levels.

Based on the preset, customisable times, the device reconnects the loads previously disconnected, according to the reverse priority order.

System based on YOKIS Radio, consisting of the following elements:

  • Central control unit MD3300MRP (item no. 5454801)
  • YOKIS radio relay MTR2000ERP(X) or MTR2000MRP(X), independently or manually controlled by the central load control unit through radio or wired controls or Yokis YnO app.

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Technical features

Power supply

230V AC (-15%...+10%) 50/60 Hz

Maximum self-consumption

4 VA

Maximum direct current

32A (Shunt method)

Operating temperature

-10 °C ÷ +45 °C

Operating humidity

10% ÷ 90% non condensing

Permitted power range

0.8 ... 7kW

Pre-alarm time (Ton)

10 ... 9999 sec.

Reset time (Toff)

10 ... 9999 sec.

Maximum cable cross-section

6 mm2


2 DIN modules

Protection class

IP20/IP40 (on front panel)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

87.5 x 35.6 x 65 mm

  • Load monitoring, over common or separate priorities (max. 8)
  • Possibility to define several loads with the same priority
  • Configuration of maximum consumption limit and priority associated with each load
  • Load activation and deactivation is performed through MTR200ERP(X) modules
  • It allows disabling the device operation so as to force all loads to remain active even if the absorbed power exceeds the set threshold
  • Alarm condition (threshold exceeded) signalled by LED
  • Configuration via YokisPRO app or through the device buttons
  • This can also be managed remotely thanks to the YOKIS Hub and Yokis YnO app.