Actuator for automatic gates

Model: MAU500ERP

Item number: 5454475

Model: MAU500ERPX

Item number: 5454476

The MAU500ERP relay module allows to control automatic, sliding and swing gates and entrance doors. It can be controlled from any of the Yokis radio transmitters (remote controls and embedded transmitters) or from a wired button. It can be connected to other Yokis radio receivers to carry out group and centralized commands, both in the case of direct control and inside the Yokis radio BUS. It is possible to access and modify the Master Yokis mode settings from the Yokis PRO and YnO apps without having to physically work on the gate. The addition of a Yokis hub (Ref. 5454495) allows to drive his automatisms by radio (change modes, timing the use, etc.) and integrate them into the daily scenarios, directly from his own piloting app Yokis YnO ecosystem.

Technical features

Main voltage

230V +/- 15% - 50Hz

Max. load

2A - 24Vdc

Module consumption

< 1VA - < 0.3W

Maximum section of cables to be used for main voltage

2.5 mm²

Action type


Pollution degree


Rated surge voltage


Resistance of plastic to incandescent

from 75°C to 125°C

Room temperature

from -20°C to +40°C

Relative humidity

0 - 70%


58 x 84 x 20 mm

The MAU500ERP module can be used in three operating modes:

  • Yokis Master: in this mode, the Yokis ecosystem prevails over the gate electronics and the gate's remote controls are not operational. On the other hand, it is possible to add functionalities such as the timed closing of the gate.
  • FaaC Master: mode compatible only with FAAC motors starting from 2018. The control is managed by the FAAC board. This mode allows you to use both FAAC and Yokis remote controls simultaneously. The MAU500ERP module drives the equipment's Open, Stop and Close inputs with short pulses.
  • Universal Mode: works independently from the gate "Status Closure" information. This mode allows you to resolve any compatibility problems. The MAU500ERP module drives the equipment's Open, Stop and Close inputs with short pulses.