Yokis turns centralising window shutter control into an easy, quick task, suitable for any type of automation. Automate your devices using local, group and centralised controls. Discover the range.

Shutter module

Yokis window shutters modules are the innovative automation solution for window shutters, screens and blinds. The flush-mounted and radio window shutters modules let you centralise control to open and close window shutters and screens, including existing ones.

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Control relays

Yokis electronic relay modules include a range of silent relays and timed relays in flush- or DIN rail mounted versions suitable for all systems. Find out more about the Yokis solutions 500W relay without neutral and 2000W with neutral for all types of automation systems.

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Radio remote controls

The Yokis radio remote controls can control any radio module. They come in 1, 2, 4 or 8-pushbutton versions for handheld use or wall-mount, using the suitable bracket.

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Flush-mounted radio transmitters

Yokis flush-mounted radio transmitters have been designed for simple, cost-effective and efficient installation. The Yokis range of radio transmitters is compatible with relay receivers, dimmers and radio window shutters modules.

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Wall-mounted radio transmitters

Wall-mounted radio transmitters are control devices to be fixed to the wall with a simple double-sided adhesive. They are the ideal solution if renovations and masonry works are not required. They are compatible with relay receivers, dimmers and radio window shutters modules.

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Kit solutions have the double advantage of being practical and cost-effective. Automation kits are different depending on the needs and may contain relays, dimmers, transmitters, shutter modules and remote controls. Start from the kit and complete your system with add-ons and accessories.

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Controls for gates, doors and shutters

Modules to manage the opening and closing of automatic, sliding and swing gates and rolling shutters. Ideal solutions for different installation needs, with radio or wired devices.

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