YokisPro app

YokisPro app

The application to configure the electrical system

A simple, fast and very efficient professional tool!

The new Yokis Pro app allows you to create, configure, and test electrical systems using a tablet, allowing you to expand it later.

A real solution for professionals, YOKIS Pro app and YOKEY USB key (item no. 5454491) make Yokis radio module
installation even easier and faster
, ensuring the creation of a perfect system based on Radio bus. Yokis Pro app, in fact, automatically carries out module acknowledgement, Radio Bus creation and makes module programming, remote control programming and copy and creation of centralisations and scenarios immediate. It also transfers system configurations to Yokis Hub, saving a copy on Yokis Cloud, and generates the installation report in .pdf format to be delivered to the final user.

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Yokis Pro make it easier to:

  • create, edit and save Yokis systems on tablet or Yokis Cloud
  • update and widen existing installations
  • share the systems in a secure manner with your staff
  • save time by duplicating with one click an already built system
  • test the operation of systems (with or without Yokis Hub) and create an installation report for your customers
  • programme both easier and more complex systems.


  • Draw the layout of your system in an easy and quick way, by tracing it on the tablet with your fingers
  • Launch the automatic acknowledgement of your modules and then position them on the layout
  • Configure your modules: a parameter diagram helps you not to forget the details
  • Ask Yokis Pro application to automatically create the Radio Bus that connects modules to one another
  • Add, set and duplicate control points, by following the guided procedure
  • Transfer system settings to Yokis Hub, print the installation report and deliver the system to your customer
  • Save and share the system on Yokis Cloud, for future operations or expansion

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