App Yno

App Yno

YnO: simply manage your house from your smartphone.

Simple and effective. Unlimited customisation!

YnO is the new app for the end user, downloaded free from the stores, which allows to manage your home using your smartphone.

The design and ergonomics of the app YnO are designed for user comfort. Simple and customisable (both in terms of functionality and usage settings), YnO it automatically adapts to the lifestyle and habits of those who live in the house, responding to the needs and desires of everyone (parents, children, tenants) and different usage profiles.
To manage the system from smartphones and tablets, just install Yokis Hub in your home, the web server that lets you manage your Yokis modules using the app YnO. After the installer has saved your system configurations on Yokis Hub, you can manage your home using the app YnO.

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Some functions:

  • – Turn the lights in a room on and off or adjust their intensity.
  • – Raise or lower the window shutters by sliding your finger on your smartphone.
  • – Every home user can customise their app YnO as desired, by associating an image or an icon of their choice or by configuring the management of a single room instead of the entire house.
  • – The app YnO allows you to simply and effectively manage user accounts and create “custom” accounts for a certain period of time.
  • – In case of expansion of an existing system or if a technical service call is necessary, the app YnO allows you to temporarily allow the installer to access configurations and make changes. This makes it even easier to add new modules and new settings to your home automation system.