No. 1 Easier and faster to install

Simplified wiring, no connections back to the electric panel (500 range). Very easy programming and configurations: no tools or work in the electric panel required, no need for a computer or any other interface.


No. 2 Compatible with all wiring systems for complete freedom of choice

Yokis modules can be installed in flush-mounted rectangular or round boxes (depth 40 or 50 mm) behind the pushbuttons of any wiring system. Yokis systems allow keeping the installed wiring system or upgrading to a more recent one, depending on customer preferences.


No. 3 Wired and radio solutions

Choose wired or radio solutions according to system requirements.

Yokis also offers combined receivers (MTR2000ER and MVR500ER) that can be controlled by a wired pushbutton and a radio transmitter.


No. 4 Flush-mounted and DIN rail-mounted solutions

All products in the 500 and 2000 ranges are available both in the flush-mounted version and in the DIN rail-mounted version for electric panel.


No. 5 Made in France – 5-year warranty

All products are designed and manufactured in France and covered by a 5-year warranty.


No. 6 Yokis digital module performance

Yokis electronic modules feature latest-generation microprocessors. They offer excellent performance and will suit any configuration. Yokis – multiple functionality in a single item!


N°7 Simplified centralisation with no need for a bus

With driver wire, all Yokis 500W and 2000W wired modules can be centralised, regardless of their function (toggle relay, dimmer, window shutter…). A single centralised control is all you need. The MTR2000ER and MVR500ER radio modules can also be centralised on a driver wire. Radio systems enable the easy creation of controls for every room or zone.


No. 8 A complete radio solution

The Yokis range of radio products is now even more functional and complete:

  • new receivers
  • new transmitters

Home devices (lights, window shutters, blinds, gates…) can be controlled both indoor and outdoor with networked receivers.


No. 9 Services

For pre- and after-sales technical assistance, contact URMET S.p.A. Via Bologna, 188/C

10154 | TURIN (ITALY)

Installers: +39

End customers (for post installation):199.110.120

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