A radio installation with Yokis transmitters and receivers is simple, scalable and programmable

Design table-top 4-pushbutton remote control


4 pushbuttons


Item number: 5454433


Compatible with all Yokis Radio receivers

4 independent pushbuttons

The LED indicates successful command transmission

Every pushbutton can control up to 4 receivers in direct mode, or an unlimited number of receivers in Radio Bus mode.

Two-way transmission: The transmitter LED will only turn on if the radio transmission was completed successfully.

It can be wall-mounted, using biadhesive (included).

Icons pushbuttons set available, to customise each channel of the remote control (non included).

Technical features


CR2032, lithium

Battery duration

> 7 years The battery can be replaced by opening the case with a flat-head screwdriver. Data will be retained

Number of receivers/pushbutton

4 in direct mode; unlimited in Radio Bus mode


250m in free field without obstacles. Range is reduced by metal items, walls or partitions

Operating temperature

- 10°C to +50°C

Relative humidity

Maximum 80%